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Urological Products

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  1. 111-6037

    Hollister® Medium Leg Bag Straps


    Wide, high quality strap results in patient comfort. Straps are machine washable and reusable. Learn More
  2. RMC38301

    The Natural® Catheter (Box)


    Latex-free, all-silicone nonadhesive natural catheter is ideal for the patient with a latex allergy. Learn More
  3. KND3512

    DOVER™ PRECISION™ Standard Drainage Bag


    2000 cc drainage bag with catheter adapter and anti-reflux chamber that prevents backflow. Learn More
  4. MEN7087

    Freedom® T-Tap Drainage Port Leg Bag


    Leg bags are easy to empty with featured t-tap port which can be opened and closed with either the left of the right hand. Learn More
  5. URO510230

    Uro-Con® Male External Catheter (Box)


    Uro-Con® male external catheters are composed of three pieces: a sheath, an insert and a drain made of pliable, white-rubber tubing. Learn More
  6. RUSB1000

    Belly Bag® Urine Bag


    Eliminates the problems associated with leg and bedside bags, including inadvertent catheter extraction and leg bruising. Learn More
  7. NON260302Z

    CURAD® Ortho-Porous Sports Adhesive Tape (Box)


    Highly porous construction allows the skin to breatheand permits moisture vapor transmission. Learn More
  8. 150615

    Bard® Latex-Free Extension Tubing


    18 inches of durable tubing, for use with male external catheters. Learn More
  9. ASIAS340

    AMSure® Urine Specimen Containers (Case)


    4 oz urine specimen container with lid. Learn More
  10. TYT0912500301C98

    Carefix™ Carebag Leg Bag Holder


    Lightweight stretch support garment with an inner pocket for safe retention of urinary bags. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 29 total

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