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4-Wheel Scooters

4-Wheel Scooters have two drive wheels in the back and two wheels in the front for steering. This design offers greater stability than 3-wheel models, making them less likely to tilt, especially over any rough, uneven terrain. However, they also have a larger turning radius, making the 4-wheel scooters less maneuverable and thus less desirable for primarily indoor use.

• More stable over uneven or irregular surfaces
• Resists tipping, even at top speed
• Ideal for outdoor use
• Generally more comfortable and durable

• Limited maneuverability due to a larger turning radius
• Typically larger, less likely to fit in narrow spaces
• Heavier than 3-wheel models and costlier

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    Drive Phoenix HD 4-Wheel Scooter

    The 4-wheel configuration of the Phoenix HD provides more stability when travelling over outdoor terrain. Maximum range is 15 miles, with a top speed of 4 mph.

    Drive Spitfire Scout 4-Wheel Compact Travel Scooter

    Quick and easy disassembly. Maximum range of 9 miles, 300 lbs. weight capacity.

    Drive Ventura 4 DLX Scooter

    This deluxe version of the Ventura offers a 18" or 20" Captain's Seat for optimal comfort. It has a 22 mile maximum range with a top speed of 6 mph.

    Drive Ventura 4-Wheel Scooter

    Enhanced with front and rear suspension, the 4-wheel Ventura provides excellent, all-around stability, with a maximum range of 15 miles and a top speed of 6 mph.

    Drive Prowler 3410 4-Wheel Scooter

    Along with great performance, the Prowler offers superior comfort in a full back Captain's Seat. Maximum range of 23 miles and a top speed of 7 mph.

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